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Grégory Alliot

Gregory started dancing ballet in Chateaubriant, then he got into the dance conservatory in Nantes where he discovered contemporary dance.
After two years spent at the C.N .D.C of Angers (from 2000 to 2002), he worked with Regis Obadia then with Joelle Bouvier, Maryse Delente, System Castafiore… and then he met Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche during the creation of Le Festin in 2004. Since then, he has been touring with the CCN of Nantes with this piece and he joined Phobos that year.

Steven Chotard

Fabienne Donnio

From Britanny, a student of the National conservatory of Rennes, Fabienne Donnio was awarded a scholarship and left for the United States to study at Saint Paul School in New Hampshire. On her return to France, she followed her training at the CNDC in Angers l’Esquisse, under the guidance of Joelle Bouvier and Régis Obadia from 1992 to 1994. Then she was a performer in these following companies : Paul Les Oiseaux/Valérie Rivière, Anonyme/Sidonie Rochon, Studio Arcane 21/François Laroche Valière, Pour un Soir/Marie Coquil, DCA/Philippe Découflé, Thomas Duchatelet, Linga/Katarzyna Gdaniec et Marco Cantalupo, PH7/Jacky Achar et Samuel. She met Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche in 2007 during and audition and joined the CCNN for the creation of Phobos.

Ernest Mandap

Ernest Mandap’s dancing carrier started with the sound of tap dancing. He was nine years old when he joined the classes of the Metropolitan theater and the Jazz Tap center in Manilla. As soon as he arrived in France, he entered the Young Ballet of France in 1991. He came accross several French choreographers over the course of his working sessions with the ballet, such as Régine Chopinot, Bertrand d’At, Redha… among them, there was Claude Brumachon for the creation of Les Indomptés and Funambules du Désir that he joined in 1992, within the CCN of Nantes.

Africa Manso-Asensio

After 9 years of training at the Superior dance conservatory in Murcia (in Spain), Africa entered the CNDC in Angers in 2001. Performer of Soudain l’insolence, she danced in Le Festin

Martin Mauriès

Martin started dancing at the age of 16 at the Jazz and Tap school in Albi. He got involved into the professional training EPSEDANCE led by Anne-Marie Porras from 2006 to 2008. In the course of his training, he met numerous choreographers and took part in the creations l’écho du silence of Constantin Tsakirelis and, BBIWY ET BBK Project of Yann Cardin. Martin Mauriès joined the CCN of Nantes in the piece Phobos. He also performed for the G.U.I.D (Urban Group of Dancing Intervention) of Angelin Preljocaj.

Julien Massard

Julien Massard started contemporary dancing in Chateaubriand , then followed his training in the conservatories of Nantes and La Rochelle. In 2004, he met Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche. He joined the company for the creation of Le Festin, the he performed in Folie, Le Témoin, Orphée & EurydiceLe Piédestal des Vierges, Écorchés Vifs. He encountered many people and went through many work experiences, and also worked with Carmen Werner (Madrid), the Esther Aumatell Company and NGC25.

Claire Richard

Claire Richard started dancing when she was 13 from Igor Fosca. At 19, she joined the International Dance School of Rosella Hightower (Cannes) before being hired for the first time in 1978 by the Théatre des Arts in Rouen. Performing in the companies of F. Raffinot, J. Bouvier – R. Obadia, M. Monnier, C. Berbessou… She nevertheless remained faithful to Claude Brumachon’s work, whom she met in 1985 when he was creating Oc Le Narquois and Oriane l’Effraie. In addition to her dancing carrier, she carried out a pedagogical and choreographic work with actors for Agathe Alexis’, Alain Barsacq’s and Christophe Rauck’s stage directions.

Valérie Soulard

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Alice Tremblay

In 1997, at the age of 7, Alice got into the National Conservatory of Nantes where she learned contemporary, ballet and jazz dance. In 2003, she went to her first dance workshops at the CCNN and discovered Claude Brumachon’s world. In 2005, the Conservatory restaged a part of the piece Folie for the eldest students. This one-year work experience with the company reinforced the fact that she was attracted to this body language. In 2007, she obtained her technique college unit of her choreographic and dance techniques studies. In 2009 , Esther Aumatell and Ernest Mandap, who were her dance teacher at the Lycée La Colinière, encouraged her to audition last June.

Lenka Vagnerovà

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Barbara Sallier-Vasquez

Born in Santiago in Chile in 1972, Barbara was trained at the National dance conservatory in Chile. She got into the National Chilean ballet and worked with major contemporary Chilean choreographers. In 1991, she was awarded the Prize for best interpretation at the festival « New theatre tendencies » in Chile. With the Chilean company « Movimiento », she came to France un 1998, directed by Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche of the CCN of Nantes. Since 1999, she has been taking part to different contemporary dance choreographers’ projects in France. Concurrently, she’s been working on various dance forms, such as flamenco, baroque dance, tango and aerial silk dancing.

Sabrina Vicari

Sabrina dances for the company « I Piccoli Danzatori » of the Massimo Theatre in Palermo directed by Alexandre Stepkine. In 2003, she improved herself by joining the vocational training courses for young dancers organized by the National Dance Foundation « AterBalletto » in Reggio Emilia, whose artistic director was Mauro Bigonzetti. In 2005, she joined the contemporary dance company « Asphalt Loris Petrillo Danza » ; she danced in the opera Federico II, l’ultima danza produced by David Zard and in 2006 in the « TwAiN » company, directed by Loredana Parrella and Roel Van Berckelaer. Sabrina Vicari joined Claude Brumachon’s company during the last audition for the Phobos project.

Cindy Villemin

During her studies in architecture, Cindy Villemin attended drama lessons, belonged to a theatre company and took part in choreographic workshops. But she took a liking to dancing thanks to her many stays in Asia and to her diploma « Tokyo, a fairground city » that dealt with mobility and with the moving body in Asian major cities. So, in 2007 she joined a professional training and the year after, Alain Gonotey, a choreographer asked her to join his company. She concurrently joined the CNR in Bordeaux which was an opportunity for her to work with Samuel Mathieu, Catherine Legrand and she took auditions. Claude Brumachon hired her for the creation of Liberté during one of these auditions in 2009 at the CCNN.

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