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Editorial 2011

A year of commitment.

The political issue and that of the artist is constantly being raised and the answer is to be read in the trend of his work, that of his sharing, of his complicities within a group, a place and a life dedicated to the blossoming of a thought.

Art is a value, it’s a cry of desire and of humanity.And dance is a presence, an act of artistic and political resistance between individual commitment — that goes through the body— and collective — that includes the company, the stage and the audiences.
This year will be one of commitment.
Some answers can be danced and be given into the open. Some can be dropped into ballot boxes, some others can be experienced on a daily basis.
We are allowed ( which is not a right everywhere) to express our views. So let’s think that culture is a common good, multiple, sensitive and vital. Forgetting it is also forgetting the others.

Two human events have to be highlighted for this year. Vincent’s redeployment within the Choreographic Centre as a coach/educational leader. And Roxana’s comeback, who joins the administration staff.

A way of saying that dancing with a body and dancing with life complement each other and go together well.

Claude and Benjamin, searchers for vigourous and poetic movements.

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